Golden Rock

Golden Rock

One of the more interesting places we visited while in Myanmar (Burma) was the Golden Rock. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda rests on top of a granite boulder roughly 7.5 meters in height with a 15 meters circumference thought to be held in place by a hair of the Buddha. The boulder itself has been covered by gold leave applied by Buddhist pilgrims over the years and gleams with a golden glow regardless of the weather conditions.

What will the 砵仔榚*  taste like tomorrow?砵仔榚 is a wonderful rice pudding on a stick. This particular one has red beans in it.

What will the 砵仔榚* taste like tomorrow?

It’s hard to identify what factors are at play when you’re talking about how a people or a city changes in a short amount of time. The waves of economic changes are a constant pressure on a city whereas the nuances of cultural differences are sometimes subtle and hard to identify if you’re not sensitive to them.