We will be back soon…

We will be back soon...

It’s sometimes difficult to set aside time to write and share while traveling. I’m not a professional traveler writer, but I do enjoy sharing our experiences about the places we visit and the people we meet.

We have not been good at keeping up with posting and sharing here on our blog. Towards the end of May both my wife and I found ourselves exhausted and needed time away from traveling to rest. We were appreciative of a close friend’s hospitality while in Hong Kong where we could recuperate and then during our time in the Maldives. Both places were opportunities to provide ample respite for us to collect our thoughts and bearing for the next year ahead of us.

Going forward we would like to change and update portions of this website to better reflect where we are at and what we are doing. In the time since our last post a great number of notes and photos have been collected for our time in New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Some posts will be in a chronological order whereas some may not, but there will be ample explanation on the context for such entries.

As we find better internet connectivity in the coming weeks you’ll see more and more photos from our past adventures and from our current ones. Throughout our travels we’ve come to realize the importance of a good internet connection is to posting on a regular basis. Without one it’s very difficult to post the photos of our travels.

We wish everyone the best and safe travels of their own.

P.S. With little to no WiFi we’re still able to post daily photos at our Instagram account Passportsinhand. Follow us there for more updated content on a regular basis.

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