Golden Rock

One of the more interesting places we visited while in Myanmar (Burma) was the Golden Rock. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda rests on top of a granite boulder roughly 7.5 meters in height with a 15 meters circumference thought to be held in place by a hair of the Buddha. The boulder itself has been covered by gold leave applied by Buddhist pilgrims over the years and gleams with a golden glow regardless of the weather conditions.

To reach the golden rock and the precariously placed Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, pilgrims wait in lines of constant motion as truck after truck roll in collecting the faithful and shuttling them to the top Kyaiktiyo Hill at about 1100 meters. With a steady stream of the dedicated ascending the hill there’s nary a moment of rest for all involved.

Local pilgrims and devotees from across Myanmar (Burma) make their way with families and friends while staying for merely a few hours to a day or more at the site. The devotion and energy brought by the devout changes the feeling of the area in a way where you find yourself in both awe and wonder at the jubilation of the pilgrims and then at the Golden Rock and it’s precarious placement above the crowds.

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