The Big Buddha of Lantau Island

  • buddha-10

    Front side of the Buddha

  • buddha

    天壇大佛 Tian Tan Buddha

  • buddha-3

    Statue of a woman making an offering to the Buddha

  • buddha-12

    Setting sun as we head down the mountain

  • buddha-13

    Somewhere around a few hundred feet above the valley floor below

  • buddha-15

    Tian Tan Buddha Statue in the distance

  • buddha-17

    Tram tower

We were able to make our way to Lantau Island (大嶼山) for a few hours to enjoy time away from Hong Kong Island and an opportunity to see the Tian Tan Buddha (天壇大佛) . The 26 meter high statue of bronze sits overlooking Lantau Peak and the the Po Lin Monastery at the foot of the mountain.

After making our way via a local bus to the Buddha statue we decided on taking the 30 minute tram ride back down the mountain. Although beautiful with stunning views, both of us were at a loss for words as we drifted along at several hundred feet above the canopy below.

While walking around the statue I couldn’t help but think of when Lord Buddha was alive he emphasized the importance of practicing genuine universal compassion and kindness for all things through daily meditation and the cultivation of one’s own virtue. He pointed out to his followers to avoid following his teachings blindly and to examine and understand for themselves whether they were right or wrong.

The Buddha never wanted to found a religion, but rather a path to liberation and the end of suffering. His teachings are meant for people of all faiths to understand and practice.

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